Blue Ticks on WhatsApp : What do they really mean?

We must have observed two blue ticks on our WhatsApp.. What do they really mean?

Two Blue Ticks in WhatsApp mean
Two Blue Ticks in WhatsApp
In our WhatsApp, when we send message. We get a single tick and then it gets changed into two. Now, we can see two blue ticks which comes just after two black ticks. So, here is the answer of all the ticks we get:

One Black Tick : Once message has been sent from our phone to the recipient's phone successfully. We get a single black tick on our phone.

Two Black Ticks : Once message gets delivered successfully to the recipient's phone then we get two black ticks against our message.

Two Blue Ticks: Once message read by the recipient's. We can see a double tick against our message.

Now, you can also find out the time when message was read. To do this, you need to click on a message for a second. Once it gets selected, you will see a button marked as i on the top of the screen. You can click on it and see at what time your message was read?

Other messaging service companies already have this kind of notification since 2013. 


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